concept seminar – matrix

Bubbles, a lot of bubbles. The inner colourfull bubbles are related projects. Products, art installations or books in my interests. I arranged them in different dimensions. After mounting all the bubbles I saw, that in education and kids behaviour I have the most interests, and still in scent research. I summarized this with the white […]

session 10 – dream

When we talked about our dreams, my main concern was the idea of making train travel more attractive. We talked about the reality that there are services like “”. These enable you to buy train tickets easily and uncomplicatedly. However, these platforms do not find the most attractive prices. This was then the case for […]

playful research – observation

First observation By accident, a good friend of mine asked me to help her to get a train ticket to travel from Zurich to Berlin in about one month. She wrote to me because I told her, that the last time I was in Berlin I went by train and i found it super convenient […]

session 8 – making sense

During our studies, we learned a lot of different methods of design. Desk Research • Google • Pinterest • Competitor Analysis / related Work / existing Things • Personas / Define your Audience • User Journeys Field Research • Interview • Cultural Probes • Surveys • Bodystorming / Immersion / Role Play • Prototyping • […]